I’m not going to lie, I sucked at making time to do my Adulting tasks this month. My three goals for this month were to:


1. Open all of my mail and attend to it as soon as I got it.


 I have a problem of ignoring mail. When I was younger I use to say to my parents, “Why do you always groan when you check the mail box?” As a kid, all I got in the mail were birthday cards with money in them. Fast forward to adulthood and now all your mail does is ask you for money or trick you into spending more money. “Hello, 8 new credit cards I’m now qualified for…” So now when I get mail I let it pile up until I have the gumption to open it. Unless its a birthday card of course! 😃


2. Finally organize all of my important documents.


I’ve had this really sad plastic file folder, holding all of my important documents, that my mom snuck into my car when I moved to Utah. It’s now busting at the seems with little-to-no organization. I’m holding on to the hope that my birth certificate is in there some where. With tax time coming up (barf) I need to establish a better system, well really any system at all, for keeping these dumb sheets of paper organized.


3. Lastly, create a budget.


I am incredibly embarrassed to say that I don’t know exactly how much money I spend per month. I’ve got a lot of tools to help me figure this out, but I haven’t sat down and looked at my budget. Saving is sexy! And I want to make sure I am utilizing all of my paycheck in the correct and most responsible way.


So with all of these awesome, fun, and down right fantastic goals – why did I have a hard time completing them? Number one, I need to carve out time to do these things, which I did not. I realized a little to late in the month that I wasn’t going to just willingly go file folder shopping or sit down and create a budget, instead of going to brunch.  Number two, I really needed some support! It’s easy to feel dumb when learning about stocks or understanding your APR rate. Thank the lord I have a super wise and supportive boyfriend who can often answer all of my dumb questions; but I also needed to hear that other people are going through the same things. So what I did end up finding were some great podcasts that talk about the daily stresses and challenges of becoming an “Adult.” Check out my favorites below!


Lastly, I came to the realization that I go to work all day and act like an adult. It’s hard enough for me to keep my pants on once I cross the threshold of my home. The last thing I want to do when I get home is sit in front of my computer and compare credit cards. Gross.


I do however really like to cook which is often a skill lumped into the Adulting struggles. I’m willing to spend time cooking every night because I love food, not because I think its the more responsible thing to do. So as I sit and eat my homemade pad thai it dawned on me that maybe I learned something a little more important – to not be too hard on myself.


The landscape of Adulting can be really vast and scary and often leave me feeling defeated and uninformed. Listening to some of these podcasts really helped me put my own problems into perspective. I am incredibly lucky to be in the position that I am – financially independent, with a stable job, in great health and with some wonderfully supportive people around me to help me along the way (shout out to the BF, mom, dad, and BFF). And even though I probably won’t stop asking my parents for help or shamelessly googling the difference in a 401k and a Roth 401k, I’ve created a lot of this life myself. I’ve learned a lot of new things, I’ve found a lot of Adulting work arounds (thank you Zocdoc) and I’ve made a lot of tough decisions (I managed to buy my first car in December).


So here’s to chalking it up to the small wins! I did open a lot of my mail as I got it and then placed it on my coffee table so it at least haunted me until I dealt with it. Barton thoughtfully bought us a paper shredder so now I can properly dispose of sensitive documents. I didn’t get a new file folder but, I did specify one folder for my 2016 tax documents. I didn’t spreadsheet out my budget as throughly as I had hoped but I did revisit my budget in and make sure all my accounts were linked and organized.


Here are some of the awesome podcasts I discovered this month. All of these can be found on iTunes podcasts.


My personal FAVE. These ladies are freakin’ hilarious and super smart and I want to be their BFFs. This fairly new podcast is devoted to talking about Adulting problems and how they cope in the adulting world.


Host Sam Zabell provides great advice on everything from how to meet people in a new city to how to file your taxes. This podcast is great because the episodes are pretty specific to a certain subject so you can pick and choose what you want to learn about.


If you are looking to figure out what to do with your cash, or lack of cash, tune into Millennial Money. A great and non-intimidating introduction to all things finance.


So now I’m going to cook some dank food and drink some wine in this house that I can afford to rent cause I’m a freakin’ ADULT.

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