Our Top Five Stops on Abbot Kinney

Abbot Kinney, which continues to hold the title of “Coolest Street in America,” is a trendy stretch of shops, bars and eateries that wind their way to Venice Beach. On our weekend stop over in LA we kept finding that everywhere recommended to eat, shop or see was on this one hip street. As a result, we spent a lot of time wondering around Abbot Kinney and compiled a list of our favorites that we would highly recommend during your next visit.

 1. Salt and Straw

It only makes sense to start this list with ice cream. Salt and Straw is a infamous ice cream chain that has locations in Portland and LA. Their flavors are incredibly creative and freakin’ delicious. I don’t eat ice cream that much but when I saw they made an Avocado Hazelnut Praline Sorbet I was instantly hooked (don’t knock it till you try it). However, that didn’t stop me from sampling close to every flavor they have and the best part was the employees are genuinely happy to let you try everything. None of the free sample shade was thrown.

2. Miansai

One of the most beautiful shops on the street is Miansai. They got their start by creating simple jewelry for guys at an affordable price and have since branched in to women’s jewelry and accessories. We really loved this shop because, not only could you try on all the watches and jewelry, but they also have a little coffee and tea stop in the back. The watches are beautiful and reasonably priced in the grand scheme of Abbot Kinney.

3. Butchers Daughter

Butchers Daughter is one of those restaurants you just want to live in because it is so cute. Their street side patio is ideal for basking in the sun and brunching the day away. And if you can’t get in the restaurant, they have a convenient take out window where you can get fresh pressed juices and coffee. I also should mention the veggie driven menu here is delicious but lacking in the fresh pressed meats department (if you know what I mean).

4. The Piece Collective

The iconic store front of the Piece Collective is the subject of countless instagrams, hence my photo in front of it and the interior is a dreamy mix of home goods, accessories and clothes. Some of it outrageously priced but if you poke around long enough you can find some great pieces. Through the Piece Collective you can wonder down an alley of other interesting shops, a chocolate shop, a vintage shop and an incredibly cute clothing store that for the life of me I can’t remember what it is called. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

5. Gjelina

My favorite dinner took place at Gjelina due to their tasty vegetable dishes & incredible pizza. Gjelina in itself is a little pricey, a little noisy and pretty crowded. We made a reservation and by made a reservation I mean some how the hostess fit us in at 10:15pm on a Saturday night which she expressed was lucky. We were fully prepped for this experience and felt it was necessary to pay our dues to the LA scene – which means wait for our food and shout at each other from across the table. And the food itself was really great! The pizza was stand out amazing. If we did it again we would go to the take out window where they only serve a section of the menu which means mostly their pizzas! Score!

Lastly, major shout out to Blue Star Doughnuts for making me the person who brings a box of doughnuts on the airplane. Totally worth it. They would have made the list but top 6 six doesn’t sound as good and we were trying to conceal our food obsession just a little bit longer.

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