Even Stevens

Cuisine Type: Casual Sandwich Joint

Good For: Lunch and Breakfast, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

What’s to love?:

There hasn’t been a friend who has visited Salt Lake City that I haven’t taken to Even Stevens. Number one, it is the best sandwich in Salt Lake. Number two, every sandwich you buy they donate one to a local non-profit. Even Stevens isn’t your cold hoagie stop, all of their sandwiches are creatively crafted to give you the best take on everything from a Banh Mahi to a your classic Reuben. Their ingredients are always fresh and in season and they do the best job at sourcing their food locally. I’ve had close to everything on their menu and I can confidently say there is no bad choice. I have also spent many hangovers with their brunch and I don’t think there is another breakfast sandwich in town that could get me over that hump.

Menu Highlights:

Kinda Hungry: The Goat Hugger Salad, Capreezy Sandwich

Pretty Hungry: Do Gouda, Hummazing Vegan, Kettles and Queso

I would eat my left arm: Sprang Chicken, Pot Roast Dip, Grad Breakfast Burrito, Breakfast Sandwich

Contact Info:

Address: Multiple Locations across Utah