East Liberty Tap House

Cuisine Type: Classic Bar Food and Small Bites

Good For: Dinner on the Patio, Drinks and apps

What’s to love?:

East Liberty Tap House has saved me from a hanger attack many times. This neighborhood joint is a summer patio hot spot so if you plan on swinging by during the warm months you might have to wait a bit. They have a simple yet creative menu that puts interesting twists on the classics. Highlights include their Elk Chili and Sloppy Lamb, their take on a sloppy joe. They also have a bar license, a tricky thing to get in Utah, so you are able to just enjoy a beer at the bar without ordering food.

Menu Highlights:

Kinda Hungry: Split Pea Falafel and Yogurt Dill Feta

Pretty Hungry: Warm Lentil Salad with greens, dried fruit, and roasted vegetables

I would eat my left arm: Elk Chili, Tap house burger, Sloppy Lamb

Contact Info:

Address: 850 E 900 S
Salt Lake City, UT  84105

Website: eastlibertytaphouse.com