A Weekend in Jackson, WY

After Thanksgiving Barton and I whisked away to Wyoming to saddle up to everything Jackson Hole has to offer. There are a couple of ways to get from Salt Lake City to Jackson, WY, and after talking to some friends we decided on driving the 4.5 hours straight down the middle winding between Idaho and Wyoming. The… Continue reading

The Friendsgiving Shuffle

For Thanksgiving, Barton and I chose to save a plane ride and stay on the West coast for the holiday, thus Friendsgiving! Who ever came up with the concept of Thanksgiving for friends really deserves a medal. Friendsgiving is great for multiple reasons some of which include: Not having to introduce your significant other to crazy family… Continue reading

A Weekend in Moab, Round 2

First of all, we should probably start by saying sorry we have not posted anything in a while. We took a little hiatus to regroup and figure out where we wanted to take things. With that being said, the holiday season is upon us, which means we will probably be posting a lot over the… Continue reading