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Hey Everyone!

We want to just say a very quick welcome to everyone who is just now seeing our site! It is really new to us too. Check out our about page to get a little more insight into who we are and how we got started. We are planning on using this as a place to tell a small part of our story, and hopefully it might inspire you to create yours. We are not really ones for following rules so, attempt to disregard any predefined blog expectations you have already. We are here to share insights into our community, our adventures and our passions, and ultimately make our Mom’s feel a little bet better about us moving across country (love you mom’s).  So here’s to living life to the fullest with an amazing partner in crime!

If you ever have any questions for us, shoot us a message on our contact page. And thanks for visiting!

– Alex and Barton

(Also, Alex sucks at all things spelling and grammar, so please be gentle)

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