The Friendsgiving Shuffle

For Thanksgiving, Barton and I chose to save a plane ride and stay on the West coast for the holiday, thus Friendsgiving! Who ever came up with the concept of Thanksgiving for friends really deserves a medal. Friendsgiving is great for multiple reasons some of which include:

  • Not having to introduce your significant other to crazy family members. (PS any family reading this, I’m not talking about you)
  • Maybe more importantly, not having to field questions about why you do not have a significant other. Or really any other life questions that really can’t be answered under the influence of a turkey coma.
  • Getting actual hang out time with your best friends. We are often so busy or only see each other at parties, getting to sit down for a extended dinner is really refreshing.
  • Not having to endure that one dish that somehow shows up every year but no one really wants to eat. Cough cough, Jello?
  • Trying new dishes! I love getting the opportunity to see what everyone likes to eat for thanksgiving.
  • Lastly, there is way less pressure to have everything timed down to the minute and perfect looking. You burn your rolls, fine; you cream your mashed potatoes too long, no biggie; you don’t bring enough wine, BIG MISTAKE. Literally the only thing you can do wrong is forget the booze, so don’t worry if your brussel sprouts aren’t Bon Appetite worthy.

With that said here are a couple of great ways to contribute to the friendsgiving merriment.

  1. Help organize things – A great way to reduce stress on the host is to help with figuring out who is bringing what. Create a google spread sheet and have everyone sign up for what they are bringing. Make columns for things like, extra chairs, or silverware so that no one is running out at the last second.
  2. Bring flowers – If your cooking skills are lacking, and you haven’t figured out all you have to do is just bring wine, consider getting a beautiful arrangement to put on the table. It’s friendsgiving but we’re not animals and no one hates flowers.
  3. Make a playlist- Music is often a forgotten ingredient to Thanksgiving. So eliminate the panicked Spotify picking option and make a playlist of bands you know your friends like. Or if you are feeling to lazy you can use ours linked below!

And remember to facetime your family, cause it’s not thanksgiving without seeing up your grandparents nose. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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