How to not drink and still feel cool

Let me start out with saying that I do drink alcohol and I am not promoting drinking or not drinking. There just comes a time when I’ve gone to one to many weekend parties, one to many happy hours and had one to many Wednesday nights where I accidentally finish a bottle of wine on the couch that some times I just need a break. My liver needs a break, my brain needs a break and the bags under my eyes certainly need a break. So whether your thinking about quitting drinking for a month (read my experience about my healthy and sober month) or you practice a sober lifestyle you are likely to be in social situations where there is alcohol present. So here are a couple of tips and strategies I use to still have a social life durning my sober sally months.

Always have something in your hand

I don’t know about you guys but if I don’t have something in my hand at parties I have no idea what to do with myself. So whether it be a hot dog or a cup of water I find that having something in your hand helps keeps you acting way more natural in social situations.


Bring your own booch!! Or non-alcoholic beverage of choice. I am a big big fan of kombucha, and I think it’s the perfect replacement to a vodka tonic. If kombucha isn’t your jam bring another favorite beverage, put it in a large cup and no one will even notice that you’re not drinking. I’m honestly more fun caffeinated than I am while drinking so a large iced coffee will keep me “partying” for hours. At bars I’ll just chug water or ask for a soda water with a splash of grapefruit and tons of lime in it.

Reward yourself

If you are more of the couch wineo find another treat that can supplement your Game of Thrones viewing party. Maybe you go buy a special dessert or a special tea. If you go out of your way to get something really special that you enjoy you are more likely to forget about that bottle of vino in your kitchen.

Plan events that are not focused around alcohol

If you are planing on having a dry weekend take responsibility for planning some weekend activities. You can still go out at night but make it out for ice cream or to a movie instead of out to the bar. Also when you plan activities durning the day that physically challenge you are less likely to feel the need to do something social at night.


Its true what they say about how much clarity you get when you stop drinking. When I quit drinking for a month it was easy for me to tell what was triggering that craving. It was stress. Any time I had a bad day at work or got frustrated by some interaction I would think, man I can’t wait to get home and have a glass of wine. If you can identify the feelings that are causing that wine craving you can better figure out how to supplement them with something else. To supplement my stress levels I don’t actually meditate but I do go on long walks by myself and exercise pretty regularly.


When you stop drinking alcohol you sleep better, your liver functions more effectively, your immune system may improve and you might actually feel more energized. I believe in all things in moderation so if you’re a huge beer nerd or wine enthusiast you do you! If you are interested in challenging yourself with a sober weekend be careful when you start drinking again to not over do it. It only took me a month for my tolerance to go down significantly, but hey now I’m a cheap date! Good luck, and let me know if you find any more tips for spending weekends getting water wasted.

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