Dinner with Plated

About a month ago, I moved to Salt Lake City. One of the best parts about living in the same city as Alex is that we get to cook dinner together now. We both love to cook and it is a chance for us to talk and catch up on the day. We even made a pact to not watch TV during dinner, forcing us to talk; not that either of us have ever had trouble with talking.

In my normal excitement of something like this (Alex and Food both top the list of favorite things) I decided I wanted to find something cool to get her, which is when I stumbled across Plated. For those who don’t know what Plated is, let me explain the premise.

You go online and select a few options; like if you you want beef, chicken, or fish for dinner. They ship you a box with a few meals every week, or every other week, with all of the ingredients for two servings of that particular dish. No grocery shopping, no hassle of too much of anything, and your fridge and kitchen stay relatively clean unless you are like me who manages to use every pot and pan for every meal.

So like any two designers, we decided we would document some of our meals and share them online here. Here is one of the first meals plated sent us this week, a Roasted Carrot and Chickpea salad.
meal_process_1 Everything comes almost fully pre-measured and in well labeled packaging. I was very impressed by the coordination between the packaging and the instructions. When all of your meals are delivered together it is easy to organize your fridge into each meal, if you’re in to that. DSC_1869


DSC_1922 DSC_1920 meal_process_7 The hardest part of food photography is pausing to take the picture. We have a pretty late normal dinner time and by the time 9pm rolls around we consider it a great success if we can stop to take a picture of anything before devouring the plate. plated_1 plated_2 plated_4

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