My favorite Healthy Resources of 2018

Hope everyone had a relaxing and full holiday season! The holidays are always a stressful time to be a health conscious foodie. With the parade of holiday parties, wine and cookies, it can be really tough. I seriously had a never ending supply of treats on my desk from Halloween up until Christmas. Do I really need the Smith’s family famous roasted nuts, the Johnson’s best sugar cookies, and the neighbors homemade cheese ball? And if anyone hands me mint jelly….I swear. Good, so now that I got myself kicked off of everyone’s holiday treat gift list, lets talk about some real problems.

If you’re like me and felt a little sluggish or a little couch potatoey with a heavy dose of brain fog, come January 1 you were likely interested in making some lifestyle changes to get back on track for the new year. #newyearnewme jkjk…you are all perfect angels. However, the new year is a time when I like to do a whole body and mind check-in. That often involves a little bit of cleaning up of my diet, a little bit of organizing and cleaning, and a whole lot of mindfulness.

Some of my new years resolutions include:

  1. Not drinking for 21 days – I have done this the past three years and I am always astonished at how clearly my brain functions when I am not drinking. Not that I’m a heavy drinker, but a good dry January gives me the ability to focus more and resets the amount of alcohol I drink when I go back to imbibing again.
  2. Trying a new way to clean up my diet – This year I’m attempting to practice a ketogenic diet to see if I can get my body into full blown ketosis. If I fall in love with the feeling, maybe I’ll keep it up. If I turn into a ravenous gremlin (the green scary one, not the cute furry one), then I’ll stop. My diet before all this holiday madness was pretty paleo which isn’t far off from keto, so here’s hoping I have a easier time with it.
  3. Meditating every day – I have been doing this with the help of the Headspace app and so far this is by far my favorite of my new years resolutions. I’ve made it up to 10 minutes a day so far and love how grounded I feel afterwards.
  4. Make my bed – It literally takes 1 minute. That is all.

I felt like those were enough goals for me to start off 2018. Last year I tried the Happiness Project, which I REALLY like the concept of.  I stuck with it for the most part, but lost my steam to blog about it after the first couple of months.

Which brings me to the point of this post. New years resolutions are hard, especially without accountability. This year a lot of my favorite blogs, books, and fitness groups are making 2018 way easier for us. Here is a collection of resources that provide a plan for you to navigate a healthier version of yourself in 2018.

Digital Resources (all free)

Well + Good

Well + Good has crushed it this year! This is one of my favorite blogs, and it is providing a week by week guide to feeling renewed and refreshed in 2018. Each week of January has a theme like detoxifying gently, building strength, setting goals etc. Signing up is free and delivers grocery lists, recipes, workouts, decluttering strategies and more directly to your inbox.


The younger hipster sibling of Bon Appetit, Healthyish is a food blog that is setting you up for delicious dinners in 2018 with their Feel Good Plan. Sign up on their site and catch all the goodness of week two of dinners.

Tone it Up

I’m really hoping I’m not telling you guys too late about this one. The Tone It Up ladies have made a 5 day detox complete with a grocery shopping list, recipes and workouts for 5 full days. Hopefully they will keep the detox live on their site, which you get by subscribing to the link above. If not, their site is just filled with great toning and detoxifying content.

Books I Love

Body Love by Kelly Leveque

I’ve read this book several times and I am a whole hearted follower of Kelly’s fabfour smoothie. This little lady has been all over the place recently with success from her program coming from names like Jessica Alba and Chelsea Handler. Sure throw some celebs in there and we’re sold, am I right?! Just kidding! But, Kelly is incredibly smart and her totally achievable plan sets just about anyone up for success.

The Wellness Project by Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine’s book, The Wellness Project is a super funny and candid take on how to heal your body by making small tweaks. From the products we use and what we eat to our daily movements, and how we handle stress. I really love her approach in marrying lifestyle with this picture of health.

The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson

This is the book and the diet that I am trying out this year. There has been a lot of doubt surrounding the ketogenic diet, saying it’s just Atkins rebranded and that, that much fat is not good for you, but Google a picture of Mark Sisson shirtless and tell me you wouldn’t be at least slightly interested in what this 64 year old is eating.

So there you have it! This is by no means all of the healthy resources out there for you fine people to pull from, but it is 6 of my personal faves, and hopefully they become some of yours too! Here’s to a more happy and healthy 2018 for all of us!

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