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San Diego goes Analog

And by Analog, we obviously mean Polaroid! With our San Diego trip being a birthday present, I wanted to get Alex something that would be a fun addition to our adventures. I snagged a Fujifilm Polaroid Camera and some film for her (and occasionally me when she looked super cute in the flowers) to snap away in the… Continue reading

Dinner with Plated

About a month ago, I moved to Salt Lake City. One of the best parts about living in the same city as Alex is that we get to cook dinner together now. We both love to cook and it is a chance for us to talk and catch up on the day. We even made… Continue reading

Welcome to our Blog!

Hey Everyone! We want to just say a very quick welcome to everyone who is just now seeing our site! It is really new to us too. Check out our about page to get a little more insight into who we are and how we got started. We are planning on using this as a… Continue reading