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SLC Weekend Guide: Edition 3

THE SALT LAKE CITY WEEKEND GUIDE CONTINUES! Yes, we are pretty pumped that we get to continue to write about all of the amazing things going on in the city we now call home! Friday – Aug 7th 5:pm /Chocolate Tour and Tasting /Ritual Chocolate Park City – Ummm, yessss please. We discovered Ritual Chocolate a couple of weekends… Continue reading

SLC Weekend Guide: Edition 2

For those of you who missed our first Weekend Guide, we take a look at a few things happening in Salt Lake City. Edition 2 is a snapshot of the weekend of July 24th. This weekend guide is particularly exciting because it is being written in anticipation of one of my best friends, Kendall and his wife, coming into town. The last… Continue reading

SLC Weekend Guide: Edition 1

With so much happening in Salt Lake City this summer it is hard to get a handle on what events are going on and which ones you should go to. I am continually surprised that every weekend I find myself turning down awesome opportunities because there is something going on in my neighborhood that is just… Continue reading