About So Far So Good…

Barton and I started talking about writing a blog back when I had moved to Salt Lake City in the Summer of 2014 and he was still living in Raleigh, NC. We had been dating for 2 months in one of those summer fling fashions before I moved to start my career in September. It wasn’t until I had packed up my car to drive out west that we both realized this was very much not a summer fling.

We spent month to month planning for the next time we could see each other. One weekend on the West Coast, one weekend on the East Coast; phone calls, skype calls, really nice emails, and we even got a little old fashioned and would write letters to each other. Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship knows how hard it is to be with someone on the other side of the country, it’s truly demanding.

In an attempt to feel more like a normal couple we had the idea to write about what we were doing occasionally and compare our daily activities like coffee, grocery shopping, bars, dinners, more coffee (you’ll see a trend here). We would document how we were living together and yet very far apart. Another thing that we both have in common and might have drawn us together even more is our incessant need to travel. We get the travel bug like it’s our job. In fact we constantly brain storm how to make it our jobs.

Well, we have finally managed to get a blog up and running! However, it took both of us being in the same place to do it. Barton moved to Salt Lake City in March of 2015 after we decided that while long distance has its’ romance, we wanted to be in the same city. Even though the “So Far, So Good” title isn’t quite as punny anymore, we think it is still a nice description of what we can only describe as our adventure.

So we hope you enjoy a snapshot into a few of our designs, our many travels, and a little bit of our lifestyle.

About Alex…

I moved out to Salt Lake City after graduating design school to start working as a user experience designer. I have always loved design. I was that kid who begged her parents to let her redecorate her room monthly and some how they kept letting me. That phased move on to thinking I could make everything myself. So naturally I have an affinity for making messes. When I was finally able to harness my creative energy it turned into graphic design which some how landed me with a job that allowed for a lot more problem solving in UX. Along with my design love I also love the outdoors, exercising, cooking and any excuse to throw a themed party. I promise Barton and I are only just realizing it may not have been chance that brought us together.

About Barton…

I am the founder and creative director of Lumina Clothing. Now in Salt Lake City, I work full time as a product manager at Clearlink. I actually studied architecture for my undergraduate degree, so I have a major appreciation for beautiful buildings and spaces. My serious love of coffee could be called “unhealthy” by some, but I try to offset it by my serious love of cooking. I am a runner and generally an outdoor enthusiast (maybe not by Utah standards…but we’re working on it). And with all that said, I have a super big crush on the other awesome half of this blog!

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